Orqa's FPV Drone Racing and Freestyle Simulator


  • Seamless integration with your favourite controller
  • Practice racing skills or enjoy freestyling with selected maps
  • Platform agnostic. Run FPV.SkyDive on PC, Mac or Linux computer
  • Drone physics optimised for the most realistic flying experience

Inside The FPV.SkyDive

The Perfect Sim To Get Started


You have an idea how to improve the content or physics of our Game Engine? 

Or you have a new soundtrack that fits perfectly in our menus? 

Get in touch – we need you!


Orqa wants to empower and support new pilots trying out FPV for the first time.

Reach out to us for special Education License deals and development of training courses.

Your Event Co-organizer

Reach out to us, and we will help you build unique tracks, run event qualifications, and provide branded gates FREE of charge.

Orqa is here to support the development and growth of the FPV drone racing scene.


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